Teaser Of Telugu Film ‘Men Too' Takes A Dig At #MeToo Movement, Internet Is Furious

Last Updated: February 17, 2023, 18:21 IST

Men Too is helmed by Srikanth G Reddy.

“Can’t believe they took the hashtag of a sensible cause and turned it into a silly title,” a social media user wrote.

The teaser of the upcoming Telugu movie Men Too was released on Tuesday, February 13 and ever since then, the film has become a heated topic of debate on social media. The movie that comes with the tagline ‘Being a man is not easy’ is helmed by director Srikanth G Reddy. The teaser of Men Too has garnered massive flak online for its central theme. While some have condemned the film’s title for defaming the sensitive movement ‘Me Too’, many are unhappy with the storyline that highlights a place can only become peaceful without women.

The teaser begins by making reference to sensitive issues including menopause, menstrual cramps, and mental anxiety, pointing out they begin with ‘men’. While the clip labels men as a ‘shameless gender’ in the first few seconds, it then tries to showcase the other side of the picture. A group of men claim they’re victims of women by tracing multiple scenarios. In one, a man gets fired over a complaint raised by a female colleague, in another, a man is shown to be pressured into

washing clothes

as a punishment by his wife. In the last scene, three men stand in front of a scenic landscape only to state that the place appears to be peaceful because there aren’t any women around. Watch the teaser here:

The film’s story and the title aren’t going down well with a barrage of Twitteratis. Some of them have also voiced their blunt opinion on the micro-blogging site. A user wrote, “Sad. True there’s a crisis of masculinity that needs to be addressed, but labeling (working) women as monsters seem really pedestrian, verging on imbecility. This movie looks like the GenZ version of WhatsApp Uncle ‘wife jokes’. Very sad.”

Another asked, “Is this a joke??”

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One more joined, “I can’t believe they took the hashtag of a sensible cause and turned it into a silly title of a movie victimizing men.”

Meanwhile, a user said, “Me Too empowered victims to come forward with their harassment/abuse stories, regardless of their gender. To all the trash men out there, many victims are men as well. I don’t care about the plot, the title itself is so wrong. You somehow gotta make everything about yourself ah?”

The movie stars Naresh Agastya, Brahmaji, Hasrhs Chemudi, Riya Sumna, and Priyanka Sharma in key roles.

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