Telangana Express' Coupling Breaks Twice At Hetampur And Morena, Major Accident Averted

Last Updated: January 20, 2023, 19:17 IST

The train stopped automatically after going about fifty metres ahead.

As a result of this accident, the train got delayed by 3 hours.

A big train accident was averted in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena on the night of January 18. The Telangana Express – travelling from New Delhi to Hyderabad – survived a major accident after the coupling connecting the coaches broke, dividing the train into two parts. This incident happened not once, but twice. The coupling was disconnected for the first time in Hetampur. After this, for the second time, it opened at the Morena station. But fortunately, there was no damage due to this incident.

According to the information received, when the coupling opened for the first time, the train was running at a slow speed. Then it disconnected for the second time at the time of departure from Morena station, where 7 coaches got separated along with the engine. The train stopped automatically after going about fifty metres ahead. After this, the railway staff connected the coupling in a hurry, so that the train could move forward. The train was delayed by 3 hours.

The information was given to the Railway Control Room. Due to this, the train was stopped at the Hetampur station at around 8.15 pm. After one minute, as soon as the train left, the coupling of coaches A-1 and B-7 opened. Then the train remained at a standstill for about 41 minutes. The train was in the loop line and was not speeding. That’s why no major accident happened.

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After Hetampur, the train somehow reached Morena. When the train left Morena at around 9.25 pm, the coupling opened again. During this, 7 coaches of the train moved ahead with the engine and the remaining 21 coaches remained at the station. The passengers of the coach were reportedly nervous when the coupling got disconnected. Then the local technical staff connected it and the train left from Morena station at around 1.15 am.

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