Teletubbies Actor Who Played Laa-Laa Reveals Surprisingly Wholesome Details About Show

Nikki Smedley, the actor who played Laa-Laa on the original Teletubbies series, did a Reddit AMA recently and it was as wholesome as all things Teletubbies. Even after 25 years, Smedley spoke of LaaLaa with fondness and warmth, and revealed when unknown details about the process of filming the series. “Even though so much time has past, LaaLaa never goes away from my life – even my niece and nephews call me Aunty Laa!” Smedley wrote.

Smedley revealed that the Teletubbyland was real! Or more specifically, it was in the real world, and not a CGI creation. The filming were done outside, and the weather sometimes proved a deterrent. She also said that she was “total Laa”, meaning she did the voice as well. Another detail? Laa-Laa never actually met the Sun baby!

Smedly also did Boohbah. “How did they describe Boohbah to you before you started working on it? That show is like a fever dream!” One Reddit user asked. Smedley replied, “Haha! Boohbah was described to me as a very movement-based show which was why, as a dancer/choreographer, I was brought on board. Again – I never really thought it was weird. You should see my actual fever dreams!!”

Time does fly. In fact, there’s a post that often makes the rounds on the internet, claiming that the Sun Baby now has a baby. That, however, was debunked. Jess Smith, the woman who played the baby in the show, is about 22 years old now. The baby in the viral photo wasn’t Jess Smith’s baby. She was photographed with the newer Teletubby baby, Berry.

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If all this Teletubby talk has made you nostalgic, then there’s good news. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po, along with new narrator Tituss Burgess, will be coming to Netflix on November 14.

That was a little “Eh-oh!” from our childhood right there.

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