'The Audacity': Internship Applicant Rejected For Not Owning a MacBook

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Last Updated: February 26, 2023, 13:54 IST

Internship Applicant Rejected For Not Owning a MacBook. (Image: Canva)

Grapevine’s official Twitter handle shared a screenshot of the same. It is an online platform where users share workplace experiences.

Internships are very important for students to grow in their respective fields. However, a student had an extremely bizarre experience when he was rejected for not owning a Macbook. Grapevine’s official Twitter handle shared a screenshot of the same. It is an online platform where users share workplace experiences. The person narrated his experience as a response to a query that read: “Most ridiculous reasons for getting rejected?”

“Applied for an intern position in an early-stage startup. Had a screening call with their HR. After the usual discussion, she told me that they won’t be able to provide work laptops before getting converted to a full-time position. Asked me whether I had my own laptop and WIFI. After telling her I had a windows laptop, she told me that they were only looking for folks with Macbooks and cut the call,” the person wrote. Have a look:

“I was seeking internship during MBA, and got a call for a sales role from a renowned Real Estate consulting firm. They expected me to have my own car, so that I can take clients for site-visit, and weren’t paying for fuel/wear & tear; and almost laughed when asked about stipend!” wrote a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “Just wonder wt a windows laptop can’t do? And wt special mac offers in terms of professionalism.”

Meanwhile, earlier, an ex-Google employee shared how she found out about no longer being a part of the tech company while on a mental health break. Her first LinkedIn post, made soon after finding out about the company’s decision was rather short. She wrote that she had been on mental health leave, which made her believe she was at least in a position to be prepared for an event like that. The techie added, “though I feel for those where this is like a punch to the gut. You’ve got this, we’ve got this.”

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After sitting down with the news for a few days, the former Google employee shared a longer post about how everything unfolded. She had found the news while awake at 2:06 A.M. She had begun her job at the age of 14 as an unpaid intern and worked till the age of 16 when she became a paid employee, as per media outlet India Times. She enjoyed her work and gave her 110% at the job but now she has her mind set on finding what is next for her after Google. “There’s so much more to explore and continue to give 110% toward. I feel so very proud to have gotten where I am today and to see what’s next,” the ex-Google employee added. Thanking her managers and team members, the techie ended her post, which has now been deleted.

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