These Are Apple’s Best iPhone, iPad And Mac Apps For 2022: Full List

Apple is back with another edition of the Best Apps of the Year award, and with 2022 coming to an end, it is time to see which of the apps made it to the top of the pile for iPhone, iPad and Mac users. The list even includes the best gaming apps on the App Store, along with apps that were popular with Apple Watch users this year.

This year’s App Store Award winners reimagined our experiences with apps that delivered fresh, thoughtful, and genuine perspectives,” said Tim Cook, CEO, Apple said in this post.

“From self-taught solo creators to international teams spanning the globe, these entrepreneurs are making a meaningful impact, and represent the ways in which apps and games influence our communities and lives,” he adds.

Apple App Store 2022 Best App Awards: Winners

– iPhone App of the Year – BeReal

– iPad App of the Year – GoodNotes 5

– Mac App of the Year – MacFamilyTree 10

– Apple TV App of the Year – ViX

– Apple Watch App of the Year – Gentler Streak

Apple App Store 2022 Best Gaming App Awards: Full List

– iPhone Game of the Year – Apex Legends Mobile

– iPad Game of the Year – Moncage

– Mac Game of the Year – Inscryption

– Apple TV Game of the Year – El Hijo

– Apple Arcade Game of the Year – Wylde Flowers

China Game of the Year – League of Legends Esports Manager

Other App Store App Winners

In addition to these, Apple has announced a list of cultural apps that have left a lasting impact on people’s lives.

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– How We Feel

– Dot’s Home

– Locket Widget

– Waterllama

– Inua – A Story in Ice and Time

Apple says that to acknowledge the impact of the winning developer teams, each of them will be getting a physical award which is inspired by the signature blue App Store icon.

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