This Ganesh Chaturthi, Nutritionist Suggests Tips On How To Fight Sweet Cravings

Last Updated: August 31, 2022, 13:06 IST

The ultimate goal is to eat in moderation and avoid making sugar-free versions of every dish. (Image: Shutterstock)

Do not fret about indulging in your favourite sweets this festive season, these tips are super helpful if you are trying to eat in moderation.

Have you stopped enjoying festivities and eating sweets due to the fear of consuming sugar and gaining weight? Sweets are an integral part of any celebration and especially during festivals.

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is here and we all know it is one of the occasions that overflows with sweet offerings, and it might tempt you to indulge in it. But how much is too much? Nutritionist suggests tips on how to stay healthy amid all the festivities.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, Prachi Shah, a Clinical Dietitian and Consulting Nutritionist shared that festivals are the time when people go overboard and force you to eat sweets, but it is important to stick to your health goal by saying ‘NO’ with a reason and sticking to just one sweet item from the menu. Shah offers a few helpful tips to be mindful of during the festivities –

The right amount of sweetness
Many enjoy sugar-free versions of sweet dishes, but others crave the sweetness of these dishes. She suggests sticking to sugar-free recipes instead of adding in more sugar or jaggery (gur) to make it sweeter.

Portion size
Be careful of the portion size. The ultimate goal is to eat in moderation and avoid making sugar-free versions of every dish. She recommends making a proper sweet dish and enjoying it by being conscious of the portion size.

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Find the balance
It is human to enjoy the festivities and the food that comes along with it, but if you are maintaining a diet it is important to know when to stop. Shah advises that consciously limit your sweet intake if you have already eaten some part. She recommends not skipping a meal or going on a crash diet only to reward yourself the next day by binge-eating on sweets. Finding the right balance will help.
Once you start prioritizing your health, you will be able to manage your cravings, find a balance, not give in to peer pressure and make the best out of the festival without feeling guilty.

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