This Man’s House Help Gave Him A Box Of Sweets, The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

Last Updated: March 01, 2023, 12:54 IST

The wholesome post has won a million hearts online .

A user commented on the man’s tweet: “We are living someone’s dream life.”

If you ever came across the popular saying – “things you may take for granted, other people are praying for” – this story about a Twitter user and his house help will make you believe it all over again. The user named Shubh described a ‘wholesome moment’ about his excited domestic help who distributed sweets to his family. The gesture and the reason behind it will definitely melt your heart. Shubh described that the help came to his place and offered the family a box of sweets. When his mother asked her about the occasion, she ‘literally cried’ and revealed that her son got enrolled in an English medium school.

Sharing this sweet moment on Twitter he wrote, “Our maid just came to our place with a box of sweets with her, and later when my mom asked her the occasion she literally cried and said, ‘Didi bete ka English medium school me admission ho gaya (My son got enrolled in an English medium school).’ Such a wholesome moment.” He further said, in a comment under the tweet, “Kuch cheezen jo humare liye kuch nahi, wo aksar kuch logo ke liye sab kuch hoti hai (There are a few things that we take for granted, which means everything for someone else).”

The tweet has received more than one lakh views and has received many positive comments. A user agreed with the man and wrote, “Literally the thing we have taken for granted in our lives means so much to some. That’s how the world works. For a rich guy, a luxurious car won’t mean a thing but for a middle-class household a car means everything.”

Another user commented, “We are living someone’s dream life.”

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One Twitter user wrote, “These little moments in life are so precious.”

An individual wrote, “Some little moments aren’t little.”

A user found the moment quite sentimental and wrote, “That’s an emotional thing. We get many things in life and yet we are not content.”

One praised the efforts of the house help and wrote, “The efforts, sleepless nights and savings this mom has put to get her next-gen (next generation) somewhere is everything! Kudos to her and her efforts!”

In a similar incident previously, a man named Anish Bhagat shared a video of his domestic help, who arranged a farewell lunch for him at her own house before he moved to another city.

In the video, he can be seen entering Reshma’s home where he received a warm welcome with a tika. He was made to wear a traditional cap and was served delicious food. The heartwarming video won the hearts of everyone on the internet.

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