This ROFL Face-Off Between Elephant And Lioness Is The Best Thing On Internet Today

Last Updated: March 09, 2023, 11:05 IST

YouTube users were happy the wildlife moment was caught on the camera.(Image Credit : Youtube/Latest Sightings)

People, on Twitter, could not help but praise the majestic elephant. A few were surprised to see the reaction of the lioness.

If you still believe that big cats are the apex predators in the animal kingdom, you need to think again. This elephant is giving serious competition to a lioness by simply putting his trunk to use. In a clip shared on YouTube, a lioness was seen resting close to a tiny well. The tusker makes its way to drink water near the resting lioness. When the lioness sees the elephant, she realises it is too late to run. So, she chooses to hide behind the well instead. Seems like crisis averted. Until the elephant notices her. Caught off guard, the tusker gets a fright. He puts his trunk to use and sprays her with water. Drenched and equally surprised, the lioness runs away.

Many found it hilarious how both the beasts of the animal kingdom were actually terrified of each other. Some wondered if both were young animals and hence the delayed response. Nonetheless, for most, they could not help but praise the majestic elephant. A YouTube user wrote, “It’s funny how it’s all a big misunderstanding that they can never explain to each other. For the elephant it’s ‘hey, I came for some water, what are you doing here!’ and for the lioness it’s ‘hey, I’m trying to sleep, what are you doing here!’”

“He looked satisfied with himself at the end, the fact that he managed to scare off a lion. Lions can roar loudly, but even that’s nothing compared to the sound an elephant makes. They’re not only big but also intelligent. That makes them so powerful,” another comment read.

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A user commented, “Great catch. And…camera stays still, and the videographer stays silent. Thank you. Lioness found a cool, damp spot to rest on a hot day and didn’t want to give it up. Wonder if she returned after the elephant left?”

For those wondering if it does come down to battling it out, who out of the two would win, it is not a new question. Many wildlife enthusiasts have wondered about this. The simple answer is an elephant would win in an elephant versus lion fight. A single lion is not much of a threat to a fully-grown elephant. The sheer size of the tusker is simply too large for the big cat to handle. The only way it could win a fight is by biting and clawing the tusker all over and making it bleed to death. That is unlikely, though. Because the tusker can simply flip a lion over and stomp it to death or use a tusk to impale it. Multiple lions might be able to kill an elephant, or a large lion can kill a young elephant.

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