This Village's Cheeky Signboard On Road Safety Leaves Nagaland Minister Amazed

Last Updated: March 10, 2023, 18:24 IST

Picture of the signboard. (Image Credit : Twitter/@AlongImna)

“Drive slow see our village. Drive fast see our judge,” read the signboard in the pic shared by Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along.

Road safety is often overlooked by people. The result can be devastating for the one who has ignored the rules and others who are collateral damage during accidents caused by such ignorance. But a few people in a village in Nagaland took it upon themselves to make sure that traffic rules are followed when people are driving past their village. Nagaland BJP state President and minister Temjen Imna Along shared a snap of a signboard that read, “Drive slow see our village. Drive fast see our judge.” The Nagaland minister shared the photo with a caption that read, “I’m amazed by the creativity of our village people. Zaroori Hai (It is necessary).”

Social media users were crackling over the witty sense of humour of the person behind the innovative signboard. Many were impressed with the disclaimer while others shared similar witty signboards themselves. A Twitter user wrote, “Same kinda creativity I saw when I was in Manali. It said ‘Don’t drive drunk the jails in Manali are extremely cold’.”

Another tweet read, “Give me the perfect Disclaimer. Well, here you go.”

“Sir, Looks like everyone in your village has a really good with short and humour-filled captions,” read another tweet.

This is not the first time Temjen Imna Along has become the centre of attraction on Twitter. He is known to have some witty tweets up his sleeve that keeps his followers entertained. In another tweet, he shared a hilarious post about one of his helicopter rides. He posted a photo that seemed like a normal snap of Temjen sitting in a helicopter. But he urged his follower to take a closer look at the chopper’s stairs. Upon a closer look, it can be seen that the words written on the stairs read, “one person at a time.”

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The minister probably intended to say that when the pilot learned that Temjen would be riding with him, he wrote those texts on the stairs. “When the pilot came to know that next Trip is for Imna Along. Zoom in and see what’s written on the stairs,” read the caption.

The reply section was flooded with hilarious reactions. Many lauded the Nagaland Minister for being able to crack a joke on himself.

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