Tiger Spotted In Himachal Pradesh's Simbalbara National Park For The First Time

Last Updated: February 22, 2023, 18:46 IST

The camera trap image of a tiger. (Courtesy: Twitter)

The cameras were set up after tiger pugmarks were spotted near Paonta Sahib.

The Himachal Pradesh wildlife department has shared the first-ever camera trap image of a tiger, confirming the presence of the apex predator in the state. Indian Forest Services Officer Parveen Kaswan shared the image on his Twitter timeline with a caption that read, “You are looking at the first ever camera trap image of Tiger in Himachal Pradesh. The record is from Simbalbara National Park.” He added that the latest image emphasises on the need for the old tiger corridor of Simbalbara, Kalesar, and the Rajaji National Park.

The image has raked up over sixty-five thousand views and more than a thousand likes on the micro-blogging site. A barrage of users have positively responded to the update. A certain Twitter user who appears to know quite a lot about animal corridors wrote, “A vagrant tiger, hope they stay and the link between east and west Rajaji is secured. Also the slender link between Rajaji and Corbett.”

Another commented, “Sher aya sher. Proud to be a Himachali today.”

One more joined, “Size and that solid shape.”

Meanwhile, a user said, “Woa it’s a big guy!”

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The images were captured after cameras were set up soon after pugmarks belonging to the apex predator were spotted in Paonta Sahib, as per a report by Tribune. Shimla’s District Forest Officer N Ravisankar, in an official statement, confirmed that the department managed to get the shot owing to their regular monitoring of the area.

The team was reportedly led by Forest Range Officer Sunder Singh, and the picture of the apex predator was captured by forest guard Akush Thakur in the night. The officers believe that the tiger entered the Saimbalbara National Park using a wildlife corridor from the Rajaji National Park. It is reported that the animal crossed the Yamuna over a month ago. The mere fact of the tiger’s arrival has been taken as a positive factor that will contribute to the area’s biodiversity.

The DFO officer said, “It seems the tiger has found a good prey base in the area. The wild cat seems to be using the Simbalbara National Park and the adjoining Kalesar National Park as his territory.”

According to the officer, the area is said to be quite grassy which led to the increase of herbivores in the vicinity, now his wildlife staff has worked tremendously toward clearing the area of invasive plants.

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