Time Traveller From 2671 Claims The Year 2023 Will Witness Weird Events On 6 Dates

Last Updated: March 11, 2023, 19:06 IST

Eno has shared a list of his predictions which many people are taking seriously.

Eno claims that in 2023, aliens will come to Earth, and the world will also discover another planet.

Science has progressed a lot, and scientists keep making efforts to design a time capsule but no exact invention has happened yet when it comes to time travelling. But many people often come forward claiming they have returned from the future. One such person’s predictions are currently trending on social media. This person, named Eno Alaric, claims he has returned from the year 2671.

According to reports, Eno calls himself a time traveller. He has predicted that 2023 will witness many weird events. Eno, who is present on social media under the name @theradianttimetraveller, gave information about the future to people online. His prediction has been seen more than 26,000 times so far. Eno has shared a list of his predictions which many people are taking seriously.

Eno shared that in the year 2023, aliens will come to the earth. The world will also discover another planet that is similar to Earth. Some of the most prominent of Eno’s predictions are:

March 23: Eight thousand people will be selected by the aliens to save the earth

May 15: A tsunami of 750 feet in height will hit San Francisco. More than two lakh people will die

June 18: Seven people will drop from the sky at once

August 18: Scientists will find a remedy for skin cancer

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December 3: A crystal will be found which will cure many diseases

December 29: New organs will start growing through stem cells

Not too long ago, a social media user claimed that in the year 2023, something extraordinary will occur that no one could ever predict. He believes that by the end of this year, human skeletons will be discovered on Mars. On social media, a mysterious person, who claims to be from many years in the future, made stunning predictions for the current year.

According to the Daily Star, this man describes himself as a time traveller and claims to have travelled until the year 2858. This person’s latest video has gone viral. It’s worth noting that this person continues to post such videos on Tiktok under the username Darkness Time Travel.

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