Top 5 Reasons You Should Make Yoga Warmup Part Of Your Workout

Performing yoga asanas before your daily exercise begins is a good way to prepare your body for a workout. Not only does it help your body get rid of the stiffness in your muscles, but it also regulates your breathing and increases blood circulation. This puts your body in the ideal state to soak in all the benefits of any exercise you will perform. To top it off, yoga warmups are also easy to perform as they do not require any specific equipment or a lot of space. Often, just breathing and loosening your muscles following the right technique will provide the best results.

Here are the top 5 reasons to integrate a yoga warmup into your exercise routine.

1. Prepare your muscles

Exercises often stretch and put some strain on your joints and muscles. Thus, it is essential for you to prepare your body before indulging in advanced yoga exercises. Warming up the body before yoga sessions will prepare your body for extensive exercise, thus helping prevent injuries to muscles and joints.

2. Increases blood circulation

Yoga focuses extensively on blood circulation and flexibility. A yoga warmup session before a workout will enhance the blood circulation in your body through deliberate and targeted activity.

3. Promotes flexibility

Indulging in warmup sessions helps in loosening the muscles and also provides flexibility. This can help you perform exercises that are otherwise difficult to do due to stiffness.

4. Reduces strain on muscles

With a well-designed warmup, your muscles will gradually become attuned to greater levels of activity before the actual workout. As a result, your muscles will not feel the sudden strain of activity when you lift weights or try to do lunges.

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5. Promotes mental well-being

Yoga is not just about physical benefits. It also focuses extensively on improving concentration and the state of mind you are in. Not only can a yoga warmup be refreshing, but it can also help you refocus your attention on the present moment instead of all the stressors that plague you.

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