'Travel, Not Trouble': Sorry, No More Reels Inside Delhi Metro

Last Updated: March 14, 2023, 11:27 IST

DMRC often uses social media posts to spread awareness. (credits: Twitter/@OfficialDMRC)

In a graphic attached to the tweet, it wrote, “Delhi Metro mein passenger bane, pareshaani nahi.”

Shooting dance videos in the metros seems to be an excellent way to reel in some views online. Many content creators have taken to grooving in the Delhi metros to get that perfect clip. It might be fun for them and their viewers, but it is a different story for passengers on the train. Several are inconvenienced, and many others uncomfortable due to such actions. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has asked people not to shoot videos on the trains over and over. On Monday, too, it reiterated the prohibition of such behaviour.

In a tweet, DMRC asked passengers to use the metro for travelling only and not for causing trouble. In a graphic attached to the tweet, it wrote, “Delhi Metro mein passenger bane, pareshaani nahi,” loosely translating to “be a passenger, not a troublemaker in the Delhi Metro.

A text insert in the image further said that “filming reels, dance videos or any other such activities that may cause inconvenience to the passengers is strictly prohibited inside the Delhi Metro.”

People on the social media website have called it a good decision. In the comments section, they highlighted how annoying it is when someone makes reels in the metro.

DMRC has used memes and pop culture references in the past to tell the passengers not to do activities that trouble other commuters.

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There was one reference to Sholay, and another one to RRR’s oscar-winning song “Naatu Naatu”.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Anuj Dayal, the principal executive director, DMRC, said, “we have used memes and humorous content as part of our social media campaign to generate awareness regarding this issue. Organised shooting inside the metro is strictly prohibited. Prior permission needs to be taken even for film shoots. If we do grant permission, some amount is also charged as a token of apology for the inconvenience caused to the commuters.”

He highlighted that there are messages and posters inside the trains to discourage such actions. “The videos that go viral on social media might be fun to watch, but the faces of other passengers reveal their discomfort and shock at being included. That should not happen,” he added.

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