Try Saying 'There Was a Cold Day' in Your Best British Accent And You'll Laugh Out Loud

Social media has a special affinity with nostalgia and throwbacks. Blasts from the past– black and white pictures, old makeup trends, or outdated jokes– everything seems to be making a comeback. One such old joke, seemingly bridging the gap between languages and accents simultaneously, has taken the form of a humorous challenge. Saying an English sentence in a British accent sound like a Hindi phrase. The result is surprising to some, amusing to others, and brings back old memories of similar instances for others.

Twitter user Khushi Shah tweeted a joke that read, “if you say “there was a cold day” in a British accent someone who speaks Hindi will probably open the door for you. Try it”.

If you’ve already tried it, you probably figured out that saying the sentence quickly in a British accent sound like “darwaza khol de”, Hindi for “open the door”.

The joke was amusing enough for it to go viral and become a challenge on social media. Of course, netizens with a bright sense of humour had a field day with the joke and as many contortions of it as possible!

One person wrote about how the English statement finally ended up sounding, tweeting, “damnn. I did it and it does sound exactly like that”.

Another user added to the joke by adding another sentence with a similar effect to the mix. They wrote, “what about there was a banker”?

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As you probably guessed, this sentence sounds like “darwaza ban kar”, Hindi for “close the door”. Now people with British accents know how to ask someone to let them in and shut the door! One less language barrier, right?

It is true that British people, during the colonial era in India, used such sentences they were familiar with to make their interactions with the indigenous population smoother. Explaining this, one user wrote, “I heard of ‘there was a brown crow’ in Satyajit Ray’s Feluda story Samaddarer Chaabi. The British officers of the Raj used to have these mnemonics to interact with the native Khansamas/Butlers”.

Hilarious, right?

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