Twitter User's Story About His Late Amma's Special 'Plate' is an Ode to Mother's Love

Last Updated: January 21, 2023, 16:47 IST

Twitter user Vikram shared a photo of his late mum’s plate. (Credits: Twitter/@vsb_dentist)

A Twitter user’s story about his late mother’s plate is leaving everyone teary-eyed.

A Twitter user has shared a heart-touching story about his late mother and it’s leaving people misty-eyed. Sharing a photo of what appears to be a plate, Vikram S Buddhanesan shared how it had been so special to her mother and the reason is beautiful. Vikram shared that his mother would only allow him and her niece to eat on that plate (as well as herself). The backstory only made itself evident to him after her demise.

“This is Amma’s plate. She used to eat in this for the past 2 decades.. It’s a small plate. She allowed only myself and Chulbuli (Sruthi, my niece) only to eat in this other than her. After her demise only I came to know through my sister, that this plate was a prize won by me in my 7th STD. That is in the year 1999. All these 24 years she had eaten food from this plate which was won by me.”

Vikram ended the tweet mourning his mother and expressing how much he missed her.

The story left many emotional. “Mother’s love, ever unthinkable but incomparable,” one Twitter user wrote. “How precious, this devotion and love between mother and son,” another said. “Million such stories of pure love are still unknown. This is one of those great stories,” reads one tweet.

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This story is certainly a reminder for us to cherish our moments with our loved ones.

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