UK Company Help Employees With Unique Bonus To Pay Rising Electricity Bills

An empathetic boss is one of the main reasons why an employee sticks by an organisation for years. A good boss motivates his employees and helps them to achieve goals that they think are impossible to attain. In other words, life becomes easier when a mentor takes some interest in his employees’ problems and puts in active efforts to solve them too. In contemporary times, most companies across the globe facilitate their employees with medical benefits and travel reimbursements.

However, a UK-based company and its managing director recently came up with a unique benefit to provide to their employees. One that has given them a reason to smile. Now, his kind gesture has won millions of hearts worldwide.

Daron Hutt, the managing director of the United Kingdom-based company 4Com, has decided to give his staff a monthly bonus of USD 236, i.e. ₹18,500, so that they can pay their rising electricity bills.

According to a report by Mail Online, the company has decided to continue this bonus program till further notice. The managing director said that he had informed his employees that he will help them with their electricity bills when they go up, a few months back. When electricity bills in the UK soared, Daron added a special bonus to his employees’ payslips – the Energy Support Bonus.

Electricity bills, in the United Kingdom, have reached up to ₹3 lakhs during winters. Owing to the same, Gary Schutt, the company’s CEO, came up with the idea of the bonus to help his employees. He stated that since 1999, he has been working on the ideology that employees are the property of the company.

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For the unversed, similar instances had taken place previously as well. Not so long ago, a boss helped his employees by providing them with ₹63 lakhs whereas another female boss was praised for taking care of her staff by giving them ₹8 lakhs, as well as two first-class aeroplane tickets.

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