UP Man Marries Indonesian Woman After Falling in Love With Her at an English Speaking School

Whoever thought the language was a barrier, was clearly wrong. The union of a man from Uttar Pradesh, Sanwar Ali, and an Indonesian woman, Miftahul Jannah, has proved love prevails over all barriers. And that language might just be the bridge in that love instead of a barrier. The duo’s love story began in the year 2015 when Sanwar, a resident of the Deoria district, was learning spoken English. During that time, Miftahul sent him a friend request on Facebook. They soon became friends.

The Indonesian woman lived with her mother and two sisters and was working at a private school after graduating.

In 2017, when southern India was hit by a cyclone, Miftahul got worried about Ali and his family’s safety. That’s when the duo realised that they were falling in love. When Ali confessed his feelings to Miftahul, she did not immediately say yes. She took time to think before finally saying six months later.

According to Aaj Tak’s reports, Ali travelled to Indonesia for the first time in 2018 to meet Miftahul, and the two later decided to get married.

Given that both Ali and Miftahul practice the same religion, the couple did not have to struggle to convince their families. Then, Ali returned to India to give the news to his family.

Once again when he visited Indonesia in 2019, the duo got engaged. They had planned to get married but the wedding kept on delaying due to the COVID-19 virus.

After facing all the challenges that came along their way, Ali and Miftahul finally got their happy ending. The duo got tied the knot in a ceremony on October 29, this year.

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The couple hosted a wedding reception at Ali’s ancestral home in Deoria last week. The couple’s love story is another proof that if you love someone, every other barrier can be overcome

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