US Baggage Handler Dies After Her Hair Gets Trapped in Conveyor Belt

A baggage handler at the New Orleans International Airport in Louisiana, United States, was killed after her hair got caught in a conveyer belt on August 30. The baggage handler was unloading bags from a Frontier Airlines flight on the tarmac of Louis Armstrong International Airport when the accident happened.

The Independent reported that Jermani Thompson, 26, suffered the accident around 10PM on August 30 after which she was rushed to the hospital. However, she was pronounced dead there.

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The victim’s mother Angela Dorsey told Fox 8 that Jermani had been a basketball champion during her college years at Hesston College in Kansas and Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi. She had done her Bachelor’s in Sociology. The tragic accident has pushed the family into grief.

A few hours before the accident, Jermani had spoken to her mother. “I just can’t believe it, you know, my only daughter is gone. She just told me ‘I see you when I come back,” Angela told Fox 8.

Jermani had violated one of the handbook rules that mentioned that long hairs should be pulled back from the face and neck to avoid any interference with the job.

According to GAT Airline ground support CEO, Mike Hough, the company was heartbroken, and they have extended support to the deceased’s family and friends as best as they can, reported the Independent. He further mentioned that the company will not prioritise on-time performance above safety.

The Airport director Kevin Dolliole said in a statement that Jermani was part of the Airport family and that they “will continue to support one another in any way we (Airport authorities and staff) can during this trying time”, the report added.

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Frontier Airlines showed their support to the deceased and their family by cancelling a flight on August 31 and a spokesperson from the aviation company said that their thoughts were with Jermani’s family.

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