US Diplomats Ditch Bullet-proof Cars For Auto-rickshaws in Delhi, Video Goes Viral

Four US women diplomats took to the streets of the national capital on Wednesday in their personalised auto rickshaws. Ann L Mason, Ruth Holmberg, Shareen J Kitterman and Jennifer Bywaters loved their black and pink three-wheelers and drove themselves for all their work including the ‘official trips’. News agency Reuters took to its official Twitter handle and shared a video of the four having their joy rides. While speaking to ANI, the diplomats shared their experience of learning mode of transport. “From Detroit to my auto rickshaw, I’ve had a lifelong love of vehicles and so everywhere I’ve been there’s been something special about a vehicle but really none more special in my opinion than an auto rickshaw,” said one of the diplomats.

Ann L Mason, while speaking to ANI said, “When I was in Pakistan, before coming to India, I was in armoured vehicles and they were big, beautiful vehicles. But I would always look out on the street and I would see the auto rickshaws going by and I always wanted to be in the auto rickshaw. So when I got to India and had the opportunity to buy one, I took it immediately.”

When asked about her inspiration behind the idea, Ann said that her mother is her inspiration. She inspired her to take chances in life. “My inspiration is my mother, my mother always took chances. She travelled around the world, she was in the Vietnam War and she did so much with her life,” she said. Further, she added that life and her mother always taught her to do interesting things and take chances “because one you might not get another opportunity and two you never know what you might experience.”

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On being asked about how hard it was, she said, “For me it was terrifying. Yes, learning to drive the auto rickshaw was completely new for me. I had never driven any vehicle with a clutch, never driven a motorcycle only automatic cars, my whole life.”

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