US Woman Kicked Out Of Gym For Sharing 'Tasteless' Pics On Instagram

A woman, in the US, had to pay the price for being “too hot.” Shirls Larson, who was a member of a local gym for 6 years, was asked to leave by authorities because of the selfies she took mid-workout, reported The Sun. In a tweet explaining her ordeal, Shirls has alleged that, according to the gym authorities, the photos she took were “tasteless Instagram pics”. Shirls also revealed that she has joined a new gym now.

In the picture, the fitness enthusiast is seen flaunting her chiselled body in a lilac bra and matching hot shorts while holding a dumbbell weight.

Vowing to be more “modest” and “tasteful”, which could well be a subtle attempt at sarcasm, Shirls shared an additional photo where she donned an oversized T-Shirt and grey sweatpants, at her new gym.

She later elaborated on the situation in an Instagram post as well, saying that the gym thought she posted “tasteless and immoral” content. Shirls added that she is respectful to everyone regardless of what they wear or what they do not wear.

On the other hand, the authorities at Shirls’s previous gym have been facing backlash from users for their narrow-mindedness.

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