Video of Blooper From High School American Football Match Gets Twitter Talking

A blooper from a high school American football match played between the Oscar Smith Tigers and Western Branch Bruins has gone viral on the internet. According to a report by The Spun, the Tigers had previously won two games in the regular season, however, things did not turn out to be the same for them in the match that was played on November 19.

A player from Western Branch Bruins kicked the ball but when it reached a Tigers player confusion ensued. The Tigers returner left the ball as it is on the ground, this caused a moment of confusion. The first two team members who arrived near the ball also ended up doing nothing. It wasn’t until a third player from Bruins leaped on the ball that it was ruled a turnover.

According to the rules of American Football, when the ball is passed over 10 yards on the kickoff, it is considered live.

Ideally, the player from Oscar Smith Tigers should have picked the ball rather than just standing idly.

Watch the funny blooper here:

As soon as the clip surfaced online, it left football fans laughing, many highlighted that the mistake was the result of poor coaching on both sides. A user commented, “Gotta put this on the coaches. How do the Smith kids not know that’s a live ball?”

Another laughed, “Looks like most of them didn’t (know the rule). The kicking team had guys stand around it before someone finally dove on it lol.”

One more added, “Bro thought he was on a punt return.” There is a difference between a punt and a kickoff in American Football. In punts, the ball is dropped and then kicked before it hits the ground. In kickoff the ball is placed on the ground and then kicked.

A user explained, “It was a kickoff. Not a punt. The ball went more than ten yards. Therefore it’s up for grabs for the kickoff team.”

The hilarious video has amassed over 9 lakh views on the micro-blogging site. And yes, Western Branch Bruins did win the match against Oscar Smith Tigers.

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