Viral: Girl's Multiple Chair Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong

Last Updated: February 27, 2023, 18:37 IST

Social media users could not help but feel concerned over the turn of events.
(Credits: Instagram/memecentral.teb)

“Please stay safe. Take care,” a concerned social media user wrote after the girl fell.

Ever since the internet has become more accessible to people, the world has been gifted with unlimited content to pick from. Some of these are just content that will cause a lot of concern for the audience. In one such clip surfacing over the internet, a girl has decided to harness to power of Instagram to go viral for showing off some chair balancing tricks. Two chairs are put one after another. The girl climbs the first chair and puts her foot on the top of the chair’s back. She balances it so that she lands on the seat of the next chair. It all looks good and it seems like she would make the perfect landing on the floor from the second chair. That is until things go horribly wrong. The second chair does not go all way down and the balancing act suddenly turns into a moment of horror for the girl. Her foot slips down the back of the chair and she stumbles along with the furniture. The text written on the clip read, “Papa ki pari udane ki tayari kar rahi thi (Apple of her father’s eye was preparing to soar in the sky).”

Social media users could not help but feel concerned over the turn of events. While one side of the comment section was flooded with laughing emojis. Other users asked the girl to not perform such dangerous stunts and stay safe. “Avoid such stunts,” a comment read.

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Another user wrote, “Please stay safe. Take care.”

Meanwhile, social media is not all about such risky stunts going wrong. Sometimes, the gift of the internet gives people just the video they need to tug their heartstrings. This woman was being lauded for sharing with the world just what her world looks like. The woman surprised her mother and father with a huge life-size portrait of them letting them know that they mean the world to her.

The clip opens with the woman, unboxing a massive rectangular structure, wrapped in white tape and cover. All her parents knew was that she was doing an unboxing video. “I decided to show my parents what my world looks like” read the textual layout embedded in the clip. The young girl continues unwrapping the present using scissors. Eventually, her father steps in to help her after watching her struggle. Not knowing that the surprise awaiting is for him and the woman’s mother, who shyly watched from the corner. After a long time, the father was finally able to uncover the portrait. As soon as he pulled out the cover, the beautiful and colourful portrait of the woman’s parents left them surprised. Their reaction spoke a thousand words. The dad clapped his hands in joy, admiring the painting, and kissed his daughter on the cheek. Meanwhile, the mother, got emotional, crying happy tears. “So, this portrait is what my world looks like,” read the text embed.

The clip quickly gained traction on social media and users remarked how wonderful the surprise must have been for the parents.

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