Viral News LIVE Updates: Man Carries Pup in Backpack; 49 Amulets Found on a Mummy

about and shared across the internet. So, what went viral, and what were the most trending topics online today? So, begin your drill of discovering what’s on top today.

Viral videos ranged from people who try hard to look stupid on purpose to a baby elephant who startled the whole house by charging through the living room window. As adults, we tend to take common occurrences like walking out of the shower and seeing a spider on the wall or encountering a pack of hungry stray dogs on our morning commute for granted. But imagine how frightening those things would be for a baby! Another popular video featured a little boy singing “Baby Shark” to his baby sister who was wearing a shark costume and singing along happily. The video has since received more than 200 million views.

It’s no secret that today’s popular culture is all about the things that are going viral. Whether it’s a funny video, catchy tune, or clever meme, people love to share things that make them laugh and feel inspired. With so many ways to stay connected with pop culture, it’s no wonder there are so many ways for people to discover the next big trend but we’ve got you a short-cut! Here is everything that got the internet talking today and how! Here’s the best of what’s trending in social media today… and everywhere!

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