Viral: This Heroic Aerial Rescue Operation Has Won A Million Hearts Online

Last Updated: March 14, 2023, 18:51 IST

The team conducted a “double pick” rescue operation. (Image Credit : Facebook/CHP – Coastal Division Air Operations)

According to a post by Coastal Division Air Operations, the stranded man was “shaken but uninjured” in the incident.

As California battles massive floods and storms, a video of a miraculous escape has left the Internet stunned. A driver was rescued in the region’s King City after flood waters swept away his car. According to the Miami Herald, on March 11, the man and his car were washed away by the rising Salinas River. The driver managed to get out of the vehicle and reached a dry land in the middle of the flooded water body. The man was rescued by the California Fire San Benito-Monterey Unit and the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office requested the Coastal Division Air Operations to rescue him.

A video posted by the Coastal Division Air Operations shows the team trying to rescue the man in a “double pick” operation. A rescuer was lowered from a helicopter to help the driver. Then, both the stranded person and the rescuer were lifted by the team at the same time.

According to the post, the stranded man was taken to safety in a nearby lot. He was “shaken but uninjured” by his ordeal.

The clip of the rescue attracted a variety of comments. People thanked the Coastal Division Air Operations for their quick work. “Thank you for your service guys,” one person wrote.

“We see them practicing at Paso Airport regularly for situations like this. Awesome job!” another comment read.

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Several users called the operation “amazing”.

This is not the only instance of flooding in California in the past few days. A levee breach in Monterey County over the weekend has forced hundreds of people to leave their homes. The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services issued an alert on Saturday asking people to evacuate if they were ordered to do so.

As per a CNN report, the situation is expected to deteriorate further. Heavy storms are expected to lash Southern California from Tuesday, March 15.

About 20 swift-water rescue teams have been positioned in more than 10 counties ahead of the adverse weather conditions, as per the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

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