Viral Video of Chimpanzees Jumping in Fear of Snake Amuses Internet

Snakes are considered to be the most dangerous. These reptiles are known for their sly hunting skills, attacking their prey in the blink of an eye, and catching the victim off-guard. Not only humans but animals are equally afraid of snakes. Recently, a video of a group of chimpanzees frightened beyond their wits upon seeing a snake will definitely take your attention. “Fear of snakes is not only in humans,” read the caption.

The clip reveals a group of chimpanzees whiling away their time on the premises of a zoo. Suddenly, a curious baby chimpanzee spots something on the grass at a distance and approaches it followed by the other two adult chimpanzees.

However, as the baby chimpanzee reaches the spot it screams and jumps in fear. The reason was a snake, camouflaged in the green grass. In a swift movement, it hurls the reptile away toward the other two chimpanzees who also squeal in terror, running away from the snake as far as possible.

Mustering their courage the chimpanzees continue to bellow at the slithering creature but make sure to maintain a safe distance. Soon the snake retires in a nearby waterbody as the chimpanzees watch it disappear, seem

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The video has sparked amusement among social media users. While one Twitter user commented, “Leave it to the youngsters to make things much worse than they are. This applies to animals also I guess,” another confessed that he got scared.

Did this video bring a smile to your face or were you scared too?

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