Viral Video: Truck Splits Into Two As Driver Takes A Sharp Turn

Heavy vehicles are prone to accidents in challenging conditions. This is because controlling one is difficult for even the driver. If the vehicle goes out of the driver’s control, one never knows what might happen next. Trucks and buses need to be driven with care especially at sharp turns because they can turn over easily in comparison to small vehicles. A video of a similar instance showcasing a truck accident on a sharp turn has recently surfaced on the internet.

The 15-second clip shows a truck, loaded with cargo, attempting to take a sharp turn. However, owing to its weight, the truck splits into two halves. While its upper half falls off on the ground, the lower half continues to move forward with the same velocity despite the damage caused to the vehicle.

A few seconds later, the driver can be seen appearing out of the shattered upper half of the truck. He even tries to chase the truck’s lower half till the end of the unconstructed road. The video also shows two pedestrians who run away from the sight as the truck approaches them. Although the accident looked fatal, none of the pedestrians or even the driver appears to have suffered any injuries from it. The viral video was shared on Twitter by ‘There Was An Attempt’.

Take a look:

In the comments section of the video, a user revealed that the video was from Nigeria. However, others debated that the driver looked like a Sardar, so the incident might have taken place in India.

One user wrote – “Soul leaving the body, This video has been there for some time. Any idea about location?”

To which, another replied – “It just passed Nigeria.”

Someone also joked about the incident and said that the driver needs to be taught Newton’s laws of motion – “Some of the most important physics laws such as the three laws of motion, ought to be taught to the truck drivers. Am I wrong?”

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