Virat Kohli Fans in Hyderabad Erect 50-Foot Cutout to Celebrate Birthday of 'Mass God'

As Virat Kohli rings in his 34th birthday, social media has been rife with chants of ‘King Kohli’. The star cricketer has had legions of fans doting on him ever since his ODI debut all the way back in 2008, and why should he not? In 2006, a teen Virat soldiered on to play a Ranji Trophy match just hours after losing his father, who succumbed to a heart attack. Kohli went on to be crowned the ‘man of the match’ that day, shaken up and reaching home just in time for his father’s cremation. He has repeatedly proven the grit of his character as a player and as a person, and it’s not remiss upon his fans.

A viral Twitter post shared by user @CricCrazyJohns shows how fans in Hyderabad have celebrated the day with a jumbo-sized, larger than life cutout of India’s run-machine. It shows him in blue, punching the air in a gesture of victory, of which Kohli certainly has had many. As per a South First report, the cutout is a record 50 feet in height and is located next to the Sudarshan theatre at Himayatnagar.

The gigantic cutout propped up against a building and towering over it and other surrounding houses in height left many social media users moved.

A fan from the Balochistan region of Pakistan recently created a sand art of Kohli as a tribute to his majestic batting. The sand sculpture of Kohli, created by RA Gaddani, has created a big buzz on social media. “A fan of Virat Kohli from Balochistan made this amazing portray of #ViratKohli using sand art to show his love for the greatest cricketer of our time,” a Twitter user wrote while sharing a pic.

The devotion of fans towards Kohli certainly shows his supreme star status.

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