Wait, What? Thieves Steal A 2-Km Long Railway Track In Bihar

Last Updated: February 08, 2023, 15:56 IST

Thieves steal railway tracks in Bihar’s Samastipur.

The 2-km long railway track connected the Lohat sugar mill with the Pandaul railway station.

Thieves in Bihar seem to be on a stealing spree of the most unimaginable things, especially the ones which appear far-fetching. This is because none of us in our wildest dreams would have ever imagined that even roads can also be stolen. Well, while thieves back in November last year made that a reality, they have added yet another unimaginable item to their list. After stealing a 2 Km long road, an 80 feet long bridge, a diesel engine, oil from a moving train, and a mobile tower worth Rs. 19 lakh, thieves in Bihar’s Samastipur have now allegedly stolen a nearly two km long railway track. Yes, you read that right. According to the media reports, the details of the bizarre theft were made public last month.

Prompting an official investigation by the Railways department, the shocking incident was resulted by unidentified thieves in Bihar’s Samastipur district. As per Times Now, the 2 Km long railway track connected the Lohat sugar mill with the Pandaul railway station. The bizarre theft reportedly took place when there was no movement on the route, as the Lohat mill shut down a few years ago. The report further revealed that after the incident, two employees of the Railway Police Force (RPF) have been suspended. Besides the two RPF employees, the police have also detained a father and son in the matter.

Earlier, last year in November, several videos and pictures went viral, wherein the Bihar goons stole a road in Kharouni village, Rajoun block, of Banka district. The case left the villagers and the people residing in the nearby areas in shock, as they initially thought that they had taken a wrong turn and had reached a different place. However, they were taken aback to learn that thieves reportedly used tractors to sow wheat fields in its place.

Soon after the road theft incident, last year in December, a video of people stealing oil from a moving train left the users in shock. While the exact date and the location of the happening are not known, people in the video can be seen running with buckets in their hands, as they try to fill them with oil by keeping them close to each tanker’s car.

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