Want To Enable Wi-Fi When Airplane Mode Is On? Android 13 Will Now Let You Do That

Android 13 is getting a useful option that might come in handy for people who enable flight mode or airplane mode on their smartphone. The new Android version brings the ability to keep the Wi-Fi turned on, even when you enable flight mode.

Android 13 is still available for a small group of users, but the new operating system getting this feature is a positive sign. As you might be aware, Android phones since version 11 have allowed people to enable Bluetooth in flight mode, which lets them use smartwatches and Bluetooth earphones/headphones.

Similarly, Android phones running on the 13 version will have the option to keep Wi-Fi enabled. This feature could come in handy when you are connected to in-flight Wi-Fi service and using the network while the phone’s connectivity is blocked with the flight mode.

How to Enable Wi-Fi In Airplane Mode

– Go to Settings on your phone

– Click on Network & Internet

– Enable Airplane Mode

– Now, go back to Network & Internet

– Turn on the Wi-Fi of your phone

Android 13 enables this feature by default. So, the next time you turn on the flight mode of the device, it will keep the Wi-Fi turned on. We tried this feature on an Android 13 phone ourselves, and it works as given here.

Android 13 has a slew of features with minimal design changes compared to Android 12. Google officially introduced Android 13 in October with the Pixel 7 series, and so far, we have seen the new version running on other compatible Pixel devices, Samsung Galaxy phones, OnePlus models and a few more.

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Google is yet to disclose the Android 13 adoption rate, but it is safe to assume that the figure is unlikely to cross the double-digit mark. Compared to this, iOS has crossed 60 per cent adoption rate with the new iOS 16 version which made its debut with the iPhone 14 series earlier this year.

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