WATCH: Bear and Cub Trapped in Srinagar After 21-hour-long Operation, Area Declared Safe

A black bear and its cub that strayed into Srinagar uptown localities two days ago causing panic have been finally captured by wildlife men. People in the civil lines area could breathe easy, said Altaf Hussian, Srinagar Wildlife Warden, releasing a video statement after completing the 21-hour-long operation. The bear and cub were trapped at around 3 am on Monday and will be released in the Dachigam national park. “They were not injured and will be sent back into the wild,” he added.

Barring one incident where a person was lightly injured by the adult bear, the operation culminated without any damage. “This area is safe now. People can move around. Students can go to school now,” said Hussian.

Here is the video:

The operation to keep a constant trail for the bear and its cub was very difficult since the area is heavily built up and contiguous with other localities.

Fear had stalked the Jawahar Nagar, Lal Mandi, Gogji Bagh and Raj Bagh localities ever since the two animals were spotted in the area on Sunday morning. Their movement was also caught on a resident’s CCTV cameras briefly on Saturday evening, but then the animals went off the radar. In the video, the adult bear and a cub could be seen walking past a few parked cars inside a lane. Two youths, apparently unaware, were walking behind the bears but they scrambled back to safety on noticing the bears.

Panic-stricken locals had called up the wildlife authorities who rushed the team to locate them. Police, CRPF and civil officials joined the team in the operation.

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A local was injured when a black bear attacked him in Lal Mandi area. Luckily, he wasn’t injured badly and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Wildlife authorities had asked people to stay indoors. Last evening, a school in the vicinity had advised kids not to report to the school on Monday. But the district administration early Monday declared normal.

The sighting of bears and leopards in residential areas is nothing new in Srinagar, but the frequency has been more near the areas which run close to the Zabarwan hills. Because these localities are in close proximity, wild animals do come down for food and fruit. In the past few years, the man-bear conflict has shown an increasing trend given that residential areas have sprung up next to the forests. One does not really tell where the orchards end and when forests start, an official told News 18, adding the wildlife is getting squeezed gradually.

But a bear and the cub being spotted in Jawahar Nagar – which lies on the other side of the hill and across the river Jehlum – has surprised many in Srinagar.

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