Watch: Girl Plays With a Carpet Python, Netizens Aren't Impressed

Snakes strike fear in the hearts of many people. These silent creatures are known to be excellent predators, creeping up to their prey and killing them in an instant with their poisonous fangs. However, even though a majority of people are scared of snakes, a part of the population seems to be intrigued by these reptiles. Some even keep them as pets.

A recent viral video where a small girl is seen playing with a snake, double her size, has left the Internet horrified.

An account named Snakemasterexotics, run by a girl named Ariana, uploaded the nightmarish video on the photo-sharing application. Indicating the snake, the caption read, “I think she wants to sleep.”

The clip revealed Ariana, sitting on a colourful carpet playing with a huge black Carpet Python as if it is a toy. There seems to be no terror on the little girl’s face as she chuckles and pulls the slithering creature by its tail quite enthusiastically.

The python tries to wriggle free from the girl’s grip in an attempt to reach under the bed. However, the more the dreadful reptile tries to slither below the bed, Ariana continues to pull it from behind, smiling and looking under the bed occasionally.

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As soon as the video emerged on the social media platform, various reactions marked the Instagram comment section. While one Instagram user exclaimed, “What kind of toys are these for children?’ another expressed their disdain and wrote, “Animals are not toys.”

However, another group of users seemed to vary in their opinions at the sight. While another one who also found the video to be interesting wrote, “What a beauty… omg,” another expressed their disbelief and commented, “Maybe this is a fake snake.”

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However, it is not the first time Ariana is seen having a fun time, playing with snakes. She often shares pictures and videos with the reptiles, either sleeping with snakes on her bed or caressing them by taking the reptile in her arms.

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