WATCH: Helmet Saves Biker From Suffering Severe Head Injuries Twice Within Seconds

A spine-chilling incident posted by Delhi Police shows how a motorbike rider was saved not once, but twice because of his helmet. In the video, the man’s helmet helped him prevent a serious head injury even though he got a hit in both incidents—the bike collision and the light post collapsing on the rider’s head. The two incidents happened quite quickly one after the other.

The rider falls face first after swerving to avoid hitting a car at the beginning of the 15-second video clip. The motorcycle slams into a lamp post on the divider as it slides along the ground.

After the crash, the rider slowly tries to stand up while still staggered and disorientated, however, what happens next is dramatic and unexpected. The rider is struck in the head by the lamp post as it crashes down on him after being damaged by the bike. After the second blow, he is knocked back to the ground, and the video then cuts to a public service announcement (PSA) emphasising the need for helmet use when riding a two-wheeler.

The hashtags #RoadSafety and #DelhiPoliceCares were used in the caption of the post that included the video, which read, “God helps those who wear helmet!” Since it was posted less than 24 hours ago, the video has received over 33,300 likes and around 6,500 retweets, and over 9 lakh views. In their comments on the Twitter video, users expressed their shock at the rider’s luck. One user merely wrote, “OMG.”

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A few days back, the World Health Organization issued some guidelines co-written by experts from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)- on helmet use and pedestrian safety. In the report, WHO also stated that full-face covering helmets properly strapped on are responsible for reducing fatal injuries by 64 per cent and brain injuries by 74 per cent.

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