WATCH: Langur Attends Class With Kids in Jharkhand's Hazaribagh

In Jharkhand, a government school, situated in the Danua village has been getting an unusual visitor for the past five days. In a strange incident, a Langur was spotted attending lessons in the school. Several pictures and videos of the same have gone viral on social media. In the images, the langur can be seen sitting on the front bench. As per the school staff, last Saturday, a Langur entered the school premises and attended lessons with Class 7 students.

The incident happened again on Tuesday when the animal visited and attended the lessons with Class 9 students. The teachers then revealed that for the past five days, the Langur had been coming in the morning and leaving by 10 am. Have a look at the pictures and videos:”>#wild langoor attends a government school along with other students.

— Deepak Mahato (@deepakmahato) September 15, 2022

Meanwhile, earlier, a photo which was posted on Twitter showed a young girl concentrating on her online class has gone viral. The photo showed the young girl concentrating on her online class through a mobile device perched on a stool. The little one was not aware of the fact that she was not the only one attending the class, as she had a group of monkeys sitting across the window in the background.

In the comment section, one user wrote, “even the monkeys are fascinated,” by this ‘new style’ of learning. Another user equated the scene as picturing himself with the backbenchers in the class.
Commenting on the funny photo another user stressed on the fact that backbenchers never change, “…still, backbenchers remains the same,” he wrote.

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