Watch: Lioness Tries to Hunt Giraffe, But Nothing Goes As Per Plan

Hunting down a giraffe is often a risky business for lions, who usually target young, sick, pregnant, and weak. They hunt giraffes generally from behind and choke their throat to death. In the rarest circumstances, they prey on adult giraffes when they have no option left to feed their stomach. Recently, a video of a lioness getting beaten up by a giraffe is making rounds on the internet.

The clip shows that the lioness was waiting to hunt the giraffe. However, the tall and furious giraffe, while defending herself, kicks the apex predator several times. Following this, the lioness runs away to save her life.

Check out the video here

The video, which has now gone viral on social media, has received nearly 43k views. This video has been posted by the Instagram account named Animal Coterie. As soon as the video was uploaded to the Instagram page, several social media users commented on the video.

One user commented, “It kept logging and I just kept watching it. Cool footage and each was able to walk away”. Another user commented, “No matter which one of them suffers. It is always sad to see their struggle for food and survival”. One user also wrote, “Love animal videos. I don’t like to see lions get hurt, though”.

This is not the first time, there have been several incidents in the past where a lioness can be seen being beaten up by the tall and furious giraffe. Generally, there are very slight chances of an adult giraffe getting defeated by the lioness. As the giraffes are tall and bigger, it becomes difficult for a lion to reach its throat for a bite.

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