WATCH: Little Boys Saluting Army Officer Will Fill Your Heart With Pride

A video of little boys saluting an Army man has gone viral on Twitter. The video in question was shared on the micro-blogging site by retired Major Pawan Kumar, Shaurya Chakra. The clip begins with two boys waiting patiently in front of a car, that’s halted on the side of a road. Initially, the little boys look puzzled, however, when they see the person inside the car offering them chocolates, their eyes light up with glee.

With a happy heart, the boys accept the chocolate. The main highlight of the clip comes when the Army man begins to bid adieu to them. The boy greets the soldier with a sweet ‘Thank you’, to this the latter replies ‘welcome’. As the vehicle begins to move, one of them delivers a crisp salute with the chant ‘Jai Hind’. His reaction prompts another salute by his friend in the same manner. The wholesome clip was shared on Twitter with the caption, “Love. Watch out for a crisp salute in the end.”

The heartfelt clip has amassed a tremendous response online with over 1 lakh views. A user said, “They are adorable. Those salutes at their age with such agility and body language make me feel little in front of them.”

One more added, “Nothing like when you do something straight from the heart.”

Almost everyone agreed that it was one smart salute.

“They are adorable. Those salutes at their age with such agility and body language makes me feel little in front of them,” read one comment.

Another person said, “Hope this innocence and love for maa Bharti remain forever in them. Jai Hind”.

The kids and their innocence struck a chord with almost everyone on Twitter. “Aww kids r so innocent,why people fill their hearts with hate is beyond me,” wrote a user.

The loving reception of the clip has depicted once again that even small gestures have the capability of inspiring masses on a large scale.

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