Watch: Man Playing With Anaconda Gets Bitten During 'Cowboying' Leaves Internet Horrified

There are many species of a snake — some are tiny or others giant. Some of them are venomous and their one bite can kill a human or any living being. Recently, a video of a man playing with an Anaconda is making rounds on the internet. As fun as that may sound, it is horrifying at the same time. The video has been shared by Nick, who is an animal and reptile addict. The video shows Nick wearing a cowboy hat in a blue tee and black denim pants and an anaconda wrapped around his hand.

As he handles the reptile, the snake first attacks his shirt and then slowly reaches his upper arm and bites him. After a few frames, the anaconda again aims at his shirt but Nick ducks a little bit. The snake then again bites his arm and then leaves him in a second.

He penned the caption of the Instagram reels, “Cowboying it up with a naughty ANACONDA!”

However, it looked like the snake’s poisonous fangs had been taken out for safety reasons.

The Instagrammers have reacted to the video. One of the users said, “Yo wtf you’re crazy. “Don’t worry, it is non-venomous.” Another person wrote, “I don’t care if it’s non-venomous or not if you bite me, I know your intentions are impure, we now have a problem. I have to ‘unalive’ you.” Someone also commented, “Dude!! What’s wrong with you?” Another user added, “Might be non-venomous but they have many inward curved teeth and those bites are painful.”

Watch the video here:

The Instagram Reel has garnered more than 45.4 million views since it was uploaded.

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Earlier, a video went viral of a man kissing the world’s most poisonous snake King Cobra on its head. The Internet was left petrified. The man was identified as Vava Suresh who is a wildlife conservationist and a snake expert. He has caught more than 38,000 snakes and received more than 3,000 snake bites as per media reports.

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