WATCH: Rajasthan's 'Snake Man' Dies After Being Bitten By a Cobra

Hailing from Churu district in Rajasthan, Vinod Tiwari had been catching snakes for nearly 20 years. As ironic as it may sound, the “snake man” of Rajasthan died on Saturday after being bitten by a venomous cobra. He was 45. If locals are to be believed, he used to leave the snakes in the forest after catching them. He died when he was trying to catch a cobra outside a shop in the Gogamedi area of Churu. The incident was captured by a CCTV camera. Have a look:

“The video is from Churu, Rajasthan. As soon as Vinod Tiwari, who came to catch the snake, put the cobra in the bag, the cobra bit Vinod. Vinod died within a few minutes,” read the caption. Many people attended his funeral which took place on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a few days back an old video resurfaced on the internet and netizens were just blown away. The video showed three brave kids fighting off a huge snake which has wrapped itself around their pet dog. The video was uploaded on Twitter by user “figensezgin.” The video featured a dog struggling because the snake wrapped itself around its lower body and hind legs.

While one boy could be seen trying to pin the snake’s head to the grass as the two younger boys attempt to loosen its grip on their dog. On the other hand, the pooch seemed to be confused by the incident. “Imagine a human is eating his food and some animal starts snatching their food. This is a natural balance, part of an ecosystem that doesn’t need to be disturbed. We all love dogs, cats or rabbits but this is very natural,” commented a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “I was nervous as heck watching this – great job kids!!!”

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