Watch: This Baby Rhino Tries To Imitate Its Goat Friend, Wins Hearts

You might often come across videos that show surprising friendships of animals — be it between a dog and cat, or a lion and a tiger. The strange bond between two different species of animals is a delight to
watch, giving us the important life lesson of unity. Walking along similar lines, a video of a baby rhinoceros and its goat friend has brought a smile to the faces of netizens.

The viral video, uploaded on Twitter by an account named Fascinating, reveals a rhino calf trying to imitate its friend aka a goat. “A baby rhino imitates his goat friend,” the tweet read.

The adorable clip opens with a baby rhino and a goat engaged in a game with each other in a forest area. The goat, almost hidden behind the rhino’s giant body, suddenly jumps from behind the one-horned animal and hops its way ahead.

The rhino, seemingly fascinated by its friend’s walking style, raises its forelegs and thumps on the ground, in an attempt to imitate the goat. The entertaining video continues with the baby rhino and its goat friend having a gala time in the wild. The two friends from different species seem to
have forged an unlikely yet beautiful friendship.

The 14-second video has grabbed netizens’ eyeballs. The rhino calf’s effort in trying to copy its buddy has evoked some heart-felt comments from the users. “This is adorable and hilarious at the same time!” said one user.

“Yes cause the goat is like ‘no you gotta do it like this’ and sprints off knowing very well his friend is having a hard time,” commented another. “Rhinos can be quite friendly when they don’t identify you as a threat. The problem is that their poor eyesight and generational paranoia makes them identify nearly everything as a threat,” clarified a third Twitter user.

Since being shared, the video has garnered over 2.2 million views and attained over 125k likes on Twitter.

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