Watch: This Unique Way Of Caterpillars Moving Together Shows Power Of Unity

Last Updated: February 25, 2023, 19:22 IST

Caterpillars maintain unity to move forward in a swift manner. (Courtesy: Twitter)

Harsh Goenka shared a video of a group of caterpillars moving in unique formation known as a rolling swarm.

Every element of nature has something to teach us about life. Sharing an example, industrialist Harsh Goenka posted a video of caterpillars moving in a unique formation that demonstrates the strength of unity even among the tiniest insects found in nature.

In the video, caterpillars can be seen moving together on a road at a rapid speed. If you notice them closely, you will see the insects continuously climb over each other to increase their overall speed.

RPG Group Chairman, Harsh Goenka shared the video with a powerful tweet that read, “It’s a group of caterpillars, moving in a formation known as a rolling swarm. This rolling swarm of caterpillars moves faster than any single caterpillar. Power of unity.”

The video grabbed social media users’ attention as soon as it was uploaded on Friday, and it has since then gained over 1.5 lakh views with the numbers steadily increasing with time. The perceptive video pleased social media users with some believing that humans should learn from small caterpillars, while others said that the animal kingdom is the finest place to learn about life’s most essential lessons.

One user commented, “Together we stand, divided we fall, Unity is the greatest power of all,” which perfectly sums up the essence of the video.

Another user wrote, “Brilliant, reminds me of the saying – a rolling stone gathers no moss!”

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“Wow. this is a completely new information to me. It proves unity is strength,” read another comment.

“Amazing group dynamics. Such a kind of born intelligence exists in all organisms except human beings. Proves good saying like ‘unity is strength’,” a user comments.

Another video from nature depicting the essence of love and family was extensively shared on social media earlier this month. The journey of hornbills nurturing their young ones is shown in the video posted on Twitter.

The video begins with a male hornbill feeding his partner, who has sealed herself within their nest so she may nest their young one. Such animal kingdom examples convey subtle messages to humans that they can learn from.

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