WATCH: Two Men Aggressively Thrash Each Other With Slippers in Shocking Video

The internet is filled with footage of vicious confrontations between ladies, school students and men. Another startling video is now doing rounds on the internet which shows a brawl in public between two men, an elderly and a middle-aged man bashing each other with slippers. In the video, the men can be seen arguing verbally before beginning to smack each other. The middle-aged man removes his shoe from his foot and the elderly man follows the same. The unpleasant spat escalated and they thrashed each other in the face with their footwear.

In the continuation, the second man tries to defend himself by pushing the elderly man against a window as the latter pours his fury on him. They could be heard throwing insults at one another as the altercation turned physical. The men gathered around them did not stop the fight and stayed out of their argument. However, the reason for their fight remains unclear.

Here is the video:

A few days back, another shocking video went viral on social media after a massive brawl broke out at a wedding in Kerala’s Alappuzha between some family members over papad. According to reports, the fight erupted as the guests were not offered papad at the marriage feast. Around six people were injured in the brawl.

A Twitter user had shared a video of the same on the internet along with the caption that read, “In the great 100% literate state of Kerala, a fist fight broke out at a wedding after friends of the bridegroom demanded papad during the feast. This triggered a verbal spat and ended up in an ugly brawl. No wonder Mallus belo papad.”

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