Watch: Video of Leopard Hunting Crocodile Breaks The Internet

Big cats like tigers and leopards feasting on weaker animals like deer are a common occurrence. However, recently, an unusual sight of a leopard hunting down a crocodile has grabbed the eyeballs of netizens who have expressed their surprise at the interchange of power dynamics in the animal kingdom.

The 42-second video was shared on Twitter by an account named Figen. “OMG what a power” the user captioned. The video went viral in no time.

The video reveals a leopard, camouflaged among branches and bushes in the forest, lurking upon its prey. Soon the scene shifts into the water where a crocodile can be seen floating, making it evident that the leopard has made up its mind to make the croc its next prey.

After eyeing its prey, the leopard makes a swift and graceful leap onto the water. The video further shows a dangerous scuffle between the two predators in the waters. However, soon it is revealed that the leopard has succeeded in hunting its prey.

The big cat is seen slowly emerging from the green waters as it grabs the crocodile by its neck. Although the crocodile seems to try and wriggle out from the leopard’s grip, only in vain. By the end of the video, the leopard manages to haul the croc onto the land and disappears among the dense bushes.

The video has garnered over 2 million views and amassed more than 26k likes.

Fans have flooded Twitter with reactions to this hunting video. “I never thought alligators/crocodiles/caimans could be prey. And that tigers/lions/ocelots (whatever that is) go fishing like that,” commented one Twitterati.

Another user pointed out that the leopard was only able to kill its prey because it was a hatchling. “What power?? It killed a crocodile child. Let’s see how brave it is in front of a mama croc,” wrote the user.

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However, it is not the first time a predator was seen hunting a fellow predator. In another instance, a video shared by National Geographic showed a Jaguar pouncing on a crocodile in the waters and killing the reptile.

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