WATCH: Video of Roadside Cobbler Feeding Birds Moves The Internet

You might have often noticed people handing out millets, wheat or corn for migratory birds or pigeons while on their way to their destination. A clip is making rounds on social media of a man feeding a flock of birds. In the now-viral Instagram reel, a cobbler who is seen sitting by the corner of the road in his small tent shop opens a huge packet of what looks like a packet of pulses and places it aside in his shop.

After a few frames, the cobbler covers the bag of the pulse from a side and relaxes in his place. The birds who are patiently waiting for him to finish then rushed towards their food and uniformly went one by one took their bite and flew off.

The video has touched the hearts of social media users and has flooded the comments section with red heart and applause emojis. “Koi akhir itna ameer kaise ho sakta hai,” one wrote. Another commented, “Best moment of the humanity.” “He is really the richest man from heart,” said someone.

The video has been viewed by more than 2.2 million people.

We often come across heart-melting videos of the adorable and unspoken bond that a man shares with an animal.

A similar video made a buzz on the internet last week, a team of Tamil Nadu forest officers were seen providing shade to a sleeping baby elephant using an umbrella. The video was shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu on Twitter who is also the chief secretary of Environment Climate Change and Forests in Tamil Nadu. According to Sahu, the elephant was lost and the team reunited the baby elephant with the mother. The caption of the tweet read: “Sharing this heartwarming video where you can see TN Foresters providing shade to the sleeping baby elephant during their successful efforts to unite the baby with her mother. Their compassion, care and thought fullness made the entire effort worthwhile.”

The video has garnered more than 1.02 lakh views so far.

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