WATCH: Viral Video of Family of Seven Riding on One Bike Divides the Internet

Indians are quite popular for their makeshift skills. A video going viral on social media shows one such skill set. In the clip that currently has the internet divided, shows seven members of a family, setting out on a journey, on one single motorcycle.

Shared by Indian Administrative Service officer Supriya Sahu, the video opens to two women and several kids surrounding a bike, on which a man is already seated. First, a kid hops and sits on the fuel tank of the bike. Seconds later, another kid climbs and shares the fuel tank space.

With space for just one more at the back, there are four people still waiting to sit on the motorcycle. A woman sits on the pillion seat and makes a kid sit on her lap. The second woman does something similar, and that’s how a seven-member family successfully adjusts on one motorcycle. Sharing the video, the IAS Officer, in the caption, wrote, “Speechless.”

Take a look at the clip here:

Since being shared, the video has managed to accumulate almost two million views. Many took the video light-heartedly and highlighted the humorous aspect of it.

“How will cars sell if everyone starts doing this?” one user asked jokingly.

Another called it the “jugaad of the highest order.”

“Not a new thing to see in India,” stated one user.

Some users saw the serious implications that such a behaviour could have.

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“This is the way to invite accidents in your life,” said this user.

Another said, “A telling comment on the miserable condition of public transport, the majority cannot afford a four-wheeler.”

One user demanded the cancellation of the Driving Licence of the rider in the video. Another wrote, “Ma’am, nobody wants to travel like this, we don’t have a proper transport system, they don’t have a car, driver with red beacon waiting at the order, buses are in pathetic condition, the tickets are too high, the waiting for public transport is not available in 40% of routes in India.”

This is not the first time such mind-boggling cases of overloaded vehicles have come to light. In July, Uttar Pradesh Police stopped an auto that was carrying a total of 27 passengers. Police officials were left stunned after the matter surfaced.

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