Watch: When a Bored Football Fan Scored 'Airplane Goal' With a Paper Aircraft

Football enthusiasts are on cloud nine after the FIFA World Cup 2022 commenced on November 21 this year in Qatar. People from every nook and corner of the world are staying up late at night to watch the intriguing game unfold before their eyes. Some supporters have even booked tickets to watch the incredible matches between the powerhouse teams live from the field. However, apart from cheering for your favourite team at the bustling arena, amid throngs of an enthusiastic crowd, fans often encounter small and unique events that leave a lasting impression on them.

A similar incident happened during the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Nations League, held in June this year. During one of the matches between Germany and England at Munich’s Allianz Arena, a football fan accidentally became famous after he flew a paper plane into the football pitch, out of sheer boredom. What’s more, the paper plane miraculously hit the goal. As football aficionados are presently celebrating the FIFA World Cup 2022, the old viral video has once again resurfaced on the Internet, grabbing the eyeballs of netizens.

Thanks to Twitter user Shahid Faridi, the then-popular video has yet again found a place in our Twitter feed. Along with sharing the visual clip, the user exclaimed, “This is an unbelievable goal!!!”

The 42-second viral footage reveals a young football fanatic making a paper plane at the Arena. As soon as he launches his paper plane, the papercraft seems to take off at an unusual speed, dashing across the air. It glides toward the players, moves through them, and crosses the men on the field. Much to the amazement of the people at the arena as well as social media users, the paper plane floats in the air, lurking dangerously close to the ground for almost 25 seconds, as reported by NDTV.

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Without any indication of descending on the field, the paper aircraft makes it past England keeper Jordan Pickford and smashes inside the England net, clinching the title of the perfect “aeroplane goal.” The crowd in the video can be seen cheering for the paper plane’s accomplishment, hollering the word “goal” altogether.

Just moments after the old video emerged on Twitter, the Internet swooped into the comments to share their reactions. “Ultimate, never seen such kind of goal,” lavished one user. “Perfect goal!!” wrote a second overjoyed individual. “This is insane,” remarked a third.

So far, the viral clip has garnered more than 45.3k views along with 937 likes and counting. What do you have to say about this video?

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