Watch: Woman Falls Into River While Trying A Dangerous Pose, Twitter Reacts

Last Updated: February 25, 2023, 18:38 IST

The video shows the woman posing on a wooden bridge.

A video shared on Twitter is going viral where a girl became so engrossed in posing for a video that she forgot she may flow away with the river beneath her.

The craze for pictures has increased extensively in the age of social media. Every other day, news of people risking or losing their lives just to get their pictures taken in dangerous places surfaces on the internet. One such video shared on Twitter is going viral. In the clip, a girl was seen so engrossed in posing for a video that she forgot everything about the river beneath her.

The video shows the woman posing on a wooden bridge, which is not a permanent structure but rather just a branch passing from one bank to another across a river. The woman can be seen posing while bending backwards and touching the log with her hands while keeping her torso in the air. But as the video progresses, the woman starts to slowly lift her hand. This leads to her being imbalanced and slipping from the log. She eventually falls into the rocky river and the video ends there.

While it is unclear if the woman sustained any injuries, it sure was a dangerous setup for her to pose that way.

The video has gathered over 8.61 lakh views. People expressed their views about the woman’s carelessness in the comments.

A user wrote – “Never show off in a dangerous place. You will never know until the accident happens. I hope you feel better now.”

Another user commented – “If she hit her head and got knocked out and unconscious, she gone…”

A third user commented – Damn I hope she’s fine. I’ve fallen into a creek, hurt bad. Was in bed with a sprained ankle for a few days, covered in bruises. The hardships of being a Capricorn and needing to climb everything.”

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A similar incident claimed the life of four Belagavi girls in November 2022 when they fell to death while trying to get a selfie. Such incidents have increasingly become common due to the carelessness of people to capture every moment of their travel.

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