WATCH: Woman's Workout Before Skydiving Leaves Internet Stunned

Last Updated: August 21, 2022, 16:55 IST

Woman’s Workout Before Skydiving. (Image: Instagram/@katievasenina)

A video which is going viral on the internet shows a woman working out while she is hanging from the side of a plane.

Of all the adventure sports that offer an addictive adrenaline rush, sky diving surely tops the list. It is one such activity that most people aim of doing at least once in their life. But considering the high risk involved in it, skydiving is not everyone’s cup of tea. A video which is going viral on the internet shows a woman working out while she is hanging from the side of a plane.Videos portraying bravery are a common thing on internet but this one has hit people with a storm. Shared by a skydiver named Katie Vasenina, the caption of the video read, “The only way to workout abs.” It begins by showing Ms Vasenina hanging from the side of a plane. Further into the video, she can be seen releasing her grip and leaping to the ground from the sky.

Since uploaded, the video has managed to garner nearly 60 million views. Her bold moves have shocked so many people online. Have a look for yourself:

“Nope. Absolutely not. I would have a heart attack. You look wonderful at it though,” wrote a person in the comment section. Another person wrote, “Meanwhile the tandems and wingsuiters in the front wondering why it’s taking so long to exit.”

“Good thing they stopped the video before she hit the ground,” wrote another Twitter user.

Earlier, a clip shared by a skydiver on Instagram showed a group of skydivers indulging in the sport and even pulling off stunts mid-air. “If you know you know. Bunch of legends following Captain Rafael Schwaiger over Hel,” wrote skydiving coach and instructor, Mairis Laiva.

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In the seconds-long clip, Mairis can be seen levitating in the air with her fellow skydivers. Going by the caption, the video seems to have been recorded over the city of Hel in Poland. While facing astonishingly high wind speed, the skydivers still manage to somehow stay upright.

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