What Happens When Former OnePlus Co-Founder Reviews the OnePlus 11 Smartphone?

Last Updated: February 15, 2023, 08:30 IST

OnePlus 11 launched in India this month

OnePlus 11 is the latest flagship from the company that is now available in markets like India.

OnePlus 11 has launched in various markets this month, and it has generated a decent impression overall. But this week, we have a review from a man who knows a lot about the company from its starting days.

Carl Pei, former co-founder of OnePlus and now the Founders of Nothing has reviewed the OnePlus 11 giving us his insights into the product, what works for the device, and even highlighted the features that are better or comparable to its own Nothing Phone (1) device. The 12-minute long video is easy to grasp, and must we say, Carl does a good job of wearing the reviewer’s hat. His earlier review of the iPhone 14 garnered over a million views and that might have stroked up the interest to review a OnePlus device.

Starting with the design, he mentions the phone is beautiful and will appeal to a lot of buyers. He also touches upon the deceptive thin edges and the multi-layer camera module at the back. Then he notices the size of the power button and compares it to the Nothing Phone (1) and frankly the difference is quite noticeable.

Carl is also quizzed about his experience with the performance and camera quality of the OnePlus 11. For which he has a lot of good things to share. He says the Hasselblad tuning offers sharp and detailed images and he is pleased to see that the company has not packed the common 2-megapixel macro sensor.

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Using the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset means he gets top-end performance and is ideal for gamers. He also talks about the difference in the hardware on the OnePlus 11 and the Nothing Phone (1) which he says is suited to mild gaming because of the Snapdragon 778 chipset.

When it comes to the cameras, he felt the primary sensor on both the phones were at par. But things got really interesting while talking about the software running on the OnePlus 11. He says this is the first time for him using the new OxygenOS which is built over the ColorOS codebase. Carl is quick to dismiss the change and questioned the need to make drastic changes to a software that worked. He also talked about some aspects of the UI that he claims were made with the Chinese characters in mind.

Carl wraps up the review of the OnePlus 11 by stating that it is a great phone but he is not sure about the identity of the device. He refers to the software tweaks, the constant changing of the camera module, removing and then bringing back the alert slider and a few more.

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