'What's Wrong With it': European Man's 'Diligence' on FreeWater Has People Calling Him Genius

European Man’s ‘Diligence’ on FreeWater. (Image: Twitter/@Carnage4Life)

The idea behind ‘FreeWater’ is that each bottle will contain a sponsored Ad.

A video which is going viral on Twitter shows how a person was up for a massive surprise when the first ever ‘FreeWater’ bottle was given to him. The way he has thoroughly enquired about almost everything is what netizens found amusing. The idea behind ‘FreeWater’ is that each bottle will contain a sponsored Ad, allowing the person to give away free spring water to people. The motive behind the initiative is to make drinking water accessible to all.

“This guy did more due diligence on a free bottle of water than anybody at Softbank or Tiger Global did for any investment in the past 5 years,” read the caption of the video. The video is from when the first ever FreeWater bottle was distributed in Europe. It is originally a TikTok video. In the video, the person can be seen asking, “What’s wrong with the water?” when told it is free of cost. Here is the video:

Since uploaded, the video has gone viral and managed to garner over 420K views. “Goodness effin gracious. Like take the water and shut up or don’t take it at all lol like maybe the mission is to get free water out there so it’s not about turning over a big profit and becoming a billionaire off it. Don’t have to be greedy all the time sheesh!” commented a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “It’s genius. It’s more like the way Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all of the social media platforms works. I mean “do you even pay for it?”

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The official website of FreeWater states that water is a basic human right and that “everyone should have access to clean drinking water so we decided to make bottled water FREE.” It states, “Our spring water in aluminium bottles and paper cartons is free because we use the packaging as ad space. More importantly, we donate a minimum of ten cents from each beverage to charity to build water wells for people in need.”

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