Woman Leaves Fiancé at London Airport, Flees With Rs 4.8 Lakh Cash and Luggage

From being all rosy, things came crashing down for a groom-to-be in London after his fiancée fled away with £5,000 (approx Rs 4.8 lakh) in cash with all the luggage, leaving him abandoned at the Heathrow airport. The couple, in their early 40s, had gotten engaged a day earlier and were headed to Rome to tie the knot when the bride ditched her would-be husband, reported The Sun. The man, reported to be British, had gone to the washroom leaving the fiancée with their luggage. However, when he returned, she had vanished, taking everything along with her.

The couple had met very recently, and the man had fallen head over heal for her, an onlooker claimed, reported the publication.

“He was in bits — totally inconsolable. Apparently, they’d only met very recently, and he’d fallen head-over-heels for her,” the onlooker said.

After the distraught groom-to-be told Terminal 5 staff about the incident, they looked everywhere at the airport, but she was nowhere to be found.

“It wasn’t even clear if she’d gone out of the airport or on to another country,” the onlooker added, as per a report by The Sun.

Finally, the police were called and informed about the incident. While the police investigation is on, the woman remains untraceable.

In another similar incident, a woman dumped her boyfriend immediately post her graduation ceremony after making him pay her college fees. Sharing the incident in a Reddit post, a friend of the woman wrote that the boy decided to support the woman after seeing potential in her.

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“He also saw potential in my friend and encouraged her to go to school. She had dreams of becoming a criminal prosecutor and he encouraged her to not give up,” the user wrote in the Reddit post.

The boy took a loan to support the woman’s education. However, shortly after the girl became a lawyer, she broke up with him, just when he was planning to propose to her.

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