Woman, On A Scooty, Collides With A Parked Truck In This Hilarious Video

We often happen to stumble upon funny videos while scrolling through various social media platforms. And, one such video of a girl accidentally colliding with a truck has gone viral on the internet. However, unlike other dangerous road accident videos, this one will surely take you on a laugh riot.

“Papa ki Pari,” read the caption of the video, which was shared on Twitter some days ago.

The 16-second video opens with a huge garbage truck stuck in the middle of the road. As a result, other vehicles on the street can be seen going off-road and driving around the truck. Then, a woman, on a scooter, also attempts to use the same trick to overtake the truck like other bike riders.


However, as she tries to take a turn around the heavy goods vehicle, she falters in keeping balance and hits the truck with her scooter, colliding with it, and scaring the truck driver. From the eyes of a common man, the now-viral footage is indeed hilarious as it seems that the woman willfully slammed the truck.

Twitterati soon flooded the comments of the video with some rib-tickling reactions. While one user wrote, “Bhai target kya tha? truck? tyre? Ya wo conductor? Scooty ne u-turn le kar mara.” Another made a sarcastic remark and commented, “Saari galti truck wale ki hai baas.” “Kaise kaise log hai yanha par,” joked a third individual.

Since being uploaded, the video has amassed over 45.8k views and received more than 1,000 likes on Twitter. Although this video is quite funny, it is always wise to be safe on the streets and avoid rash driving or overtaking a vehicle at any cost. Earlier, a heart-wrenching video of a horrific accident where a female biker was crushed to death by a tow truck had left the internet devastated.

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